Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Combine the very best of Business Solutions and Software Defined Infrastructure: Lenovo and VMware

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Benefits

Introducing the simplest, most cost-effective way to bring a new VMware hyperconverged environment online. Available in several models powered by VMware vSAN, the ThinkAgile VX Series combines preconfigured, pretested easy-to-use software and powerful, extremely reliable hardware.

Easy to order

Avoid HCI lookups; certified firmware only; no assembly required.



Easy to install

VX Installer; standardized deployments; guaranteed firmware compatibility.



Easy to manage

Single pane of glass management; best recipe firmware; rolling firmware upgrades.



Easy to pay

Move from CAPEX and pay monthly via the flexible OPEX model of ThinkAgile VX as a Service.



Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

   Simplify deployments

   Increase flexibility / scalability

   Reduce total costs

   Increase availability

   Improve performance

   Future-proof your IT infrastructure

Traditional VMware Environment

ThinkAgile VX Solution

HCI Solutions for Workplace ThinkAgile VX

Integrating the world’s most reliable servers from Lenovo with innovative VMware vSAN, the ThinkAgile VX Series enables the simplification of IT infrastructures. A hyperconverged solution, it offers configuration and storage capacity flexibility to meet any use-case, accelerating time-to-value while also driving down costs.


Benefits of VDI on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

   Storage for virtual desktops/apps

   Improved user experience

   Superior performance at scale

   All-flash configurations

   Storage in a few clicks

   vCenter storage management

   Pay-as-you-grow granular scaling

   Self-tuning rebalance of storage

vSAN with Horizon Architecture

vSAN for Horizon seamlessly evolves virtual desktops and applications to a modern infrastructure; delivering all-flash performance, rapid scaling and provisioning, and enterprise-grade data services - all while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

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